Generally, what kind of expenses do you have in my case?

Typically, each health-care provider, whether it be a doctor’s office, hospital, x-ray facility, or physical therapy center, will utilize a third-party copying service to respond to records requests. These copying services typically charge a fee to produce the copies to our office. The bills and records that you receive through the mail or upon exiting your doctors office are insufficient to present to the insurance company for your demand, as they typically do not have the proper diagnostic codes and information necessary to process the claim.


In addition, there may be some investigative fees involved in tracking down witnesses. We also have standard administrative charges for postage, envelopes, file folders, etc. which typically do not exceed $50.00.


Sometimes, because of the medical issues in your case, it is important that we obtain an opinion letter from your doctor, or maybe even send you to a doctor for an independent examination. Obviously, the physicians charge for their time in preparing these reports, and in conducting an examination. Fees for these reports can sometimes exceed $1000.00. Obviously, we are not going to get into these types of charges without your consent, and even then, only if the potential value of the case warrants such an expense.


Occasionally, we may also see fit to hire other types of experts, such as liability experts to perform measurements of distances and site evaluations, and also economic experts who may assist us in proving the impact of your injuries on your ability to earn wages in the future.


If it is necessary to file your claim in court, there are of course filing fees, and other fees. Please see the FAQ—( If I go to Court, will that increase my expenses? If so, what kind of expenses can I expect? ) below.